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Negron: Vera Clemente, Baseball and Puerto Rico’s Great Ambassador

One of my big thrills will always be when I had Doc Gooden visit Mrs. Roberto Clemente ( Vera ) at the Clemente Sports City in Puerto Rico.

We had kids come from all around the island to visit with Gooden. Doc would talk to the kids about the beauty of baseball then he would teach the kids different grips on the baseball and talk to them about the mistakes that he had made in life. Mrs. Clemente was an incredible host who told us some wonderful stories about her courageous and wonderful husband, Roberto. This trip occurred right after Doc signed with the Yankees in the winter of 1995. Gooden never forgot how sweet Vera was. She just met the famed Dr. K but she would instantly treat him like a family member. She would show instant concern over Dwight’s health situation. That is how she termed his drug problem at that time because she didn’t want to embarrass the good Doctor.

Her son, Roberto Jr., had been a Yanks radio announcer on the Spanish side so she was very familiar with the legend of George Steinbrenner and not in the least surprised at the fact that the Boss would take a chance on Gooden. I remember after our goodbyes that day that Gooden would turn to me and say, meeting Mrs. Clemente must be how it would feel to meet Mrs. Martin Luther King.

That’s a pretty good analogy Mr. Gooden.

This week we lost Mrs. Clemente. I can only say that baseball and Puerto Rico could not of had a better ambassador.

Rest In Peace, dear lady.

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