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Op-Ed: Why Wandavision Is The Best MCU Show on Disney+

When Disney announced that they would release Marvel shows exclusively on Disney+, fans of the successful cinematic universe were hesitant about whether or not it would work. Disney has gone under fire for “ruining” other movie franchises in hopes of gaining revenue. Most notably, the Star Wars franchise. However, it wasn’t until the release of the show Wandavision that fans began to see the scope and overall storytelling talent that Disney has to offer. 

Wandavision dives into the life of Wanda Macimoff and reveals the depth of her powers as she takes over an entire town to revive her love interest, Vision. One of the many things that set this show apart from the other MCU shows on Disney+ is the sitcom-like style that the show is in as it travels through different decades and its homage to commercials. The writers of Wandavision utilized the idea of tv shows as every episode had viewers trying to figure out what would happen next every time an episode was released. For the first few episodes, it was hard to piece together what the show was about and what was going on. It was hard to find an equilibrium and balance. This plays into the idea of grief in the early months. 

The show also tackles the idea of grief and how it can make you turn into a completely different person. The emotional darkness of the content talked about juxtaposes the bright and happy idea of the all-American sitcom that no other show has to offer. The unease and juxtaposition throughout the show give a glimpse into what the inside of Wanda’s mind looks like. She wants to do good for everyone, but she also wants to keep Vision and her children alive. 

This dark nature of the show is a direct contrast to many of the other MCU shows and movies. There’s no consistency from episode to episode, making the show feel like an adventure the longer you watch it. The severe matter tackled in the show and the funny and light nature of how it is filmed makes for an entertaining and artistically excellent show set apart from its counterparts.


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