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“The Good Doctor” Season 4: Coming Back in 2020

As one of the most-watched series on ABC and Sky, “The Good Doctor” has officially renewed for a fourth season!

“The Good Doctor” is a medical drama television series created by David Shore with a cast including Freddie Highmore, Nicholas Gonzalez, Antonia Thomas, Hill Harper, and Richard Schiff. “The Good Doctor” debuted its first season in 2017. has been running for 3 seasons and is loved by a lot of people. “The Good Doctor” tells the story of Shaun Murphy, a young surgeon with autism and savant syndrome who is recruited into the surgical unit of a prestigious hospital. Along with the characters in the series questioning the young doctor’s ability and professionalism, the audience likes to see how this young man handles patients and surgery in his own special way.

Besides his unique personality, the series tries to bring the audience back to the main character’s childhood to see how exactly Shaun gained his special personality, thoughts and ideas about himself and others. What is out of expected is that the series does not only focus on the main character, and it’s possible to see and get to know each character’s thoughts and beliefs from their perspectives. No one is created perfectly good or absolutely bad and they are more likely to be created as people who have complex emotions and intentions which helps the audience to realize that doctors are also just human beings when they take off the gown. They are also somebody’s daughters, sons, wives, and husbands when they are out of the hospital. However, they are under a lot more pressure than most people. When they could not save patients, they face the same sense of powerlessness and are as sad as the patients’ families. Sometimes they could not even express their own pain and pressure since no one would try to understand. The successful part of this series is that it didn’t forget to show the side of doctors being people too.

There is no doubt that “The Good Doctor” is a great series. With the success of its first three seasons, let’s look forward to what the fourth season will bring us next in 2020!


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