Brooklyn Nine-Nine

As a police procedural comedy, ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ focuses more on the story of all kinds of detectives in this small office rather on how they solve crime. This is a television series that you can’t stop once you start to watch. The main character Jake Peralta is a talented NYPD detective who can perfectly accomplish any task, but at the same time, can be immature and childish. That is why he often comes into conflict with his new commanding officer, the serious and stern Captain Raymond Holt and this is where the funny and interesting story begins. In this drama, you can also meet other lovable characters like the scary, smart and secretive detective Rosa Diaz, the “wimp” detective Terry Jeffords who lost his nerve after his wife had twin baby daughters, detective Amy Santiago who is always eager to impress and wants to become the youngest captain, and the most hardworking but fails to be brilliant guy detective Charles Boyle. There are more characters in this series that deserve to be looked at, and it is easy to find at least one character you love most since they are all different and funny in all kinds of ways. Sometimes you can also find parts of yourself in several characters which makes this drama more folksy. The relaxing style of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ will definitely attract you and it is a really good choice for watching at home! Now ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ is going to have the 13thand the concluding episode for season 7 on April 23, 2020 on NBC. Recall the episode 12, you may wonder what is going to happen after Holt’s dog got kidnapped? Let’s look forward to the finale together!


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