The Power of Snowfall

So many television networks have a plethora of original series, tv shows, movies, and documentaries to binge-watch it can be frustrating and tough to choose from. But based on the genre of the type of tv series and movies you like, you can narrow those options down. When it comes to the genre of Crime Drama, the popular tv series POWER and a more recent tv series Snowfall are 2 of the people’s choice in the category. 

The latest urban hit tv show Snowfall has been compared to the hit original series POWER since the first few episodes of Snowfall premiered on FX network back in 2017. Both POWER and Snowfall are urban-based original tv series predominantly about drugs, money, and power which is where the thought of comparison comes into play to the audience. Although the backgrounds and time frame of each hit series are different, their angels and main subjects are much similar. 

POWER is an original STARZ series that premiered on June 7, 2014, and has since debuted 6 seasons, with the last episode airing back in February. Omari Hardwick, also known as James “Ghost” St.Patrick, in the show, is the main character. Hardwick plays a big-time drug dealer with book and street smarts which is how he gets his name as “Ghost” in the Streets of New York. The ghost eventually turns legit and wants out of the drug business, but it’s not so easy. 

Snowfall, on the other hand, is an original FX/Hulu series that premiered July 5, 2017 and has since debuted 3 seasons, half of what POWER has debuted, but has many comparing and liking Snowfall more than Power already. The story line and new character faces are the most interesting part that viewers like more than power thus far. Snowfall takes place in SOuth Central Los Angeles in the summer of 1984. During this era, the 80’s was the crack epidemic. Damson Idris, the main character, plays Franklin Saint who is a young man trying to make a way. He starts off selling mairjuana and eventually runs into a drug lord, he meets through a mutual friend who buys marijuana from him. The drug lord, then fronts him some pure cocaine.  

Both creators behind these tv series are popular black men, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson of Power and John Singleton of Snowfall.

According to social media polls and surveys, viewers are enjoying Snowfall more than Power, but according to and, their rating and ranking are necks to neck, with power only leading by 2points. 

Power is no longer airing their show, but did create a spinoff that should be debuting this fall, in September. Snowfall is also due to premiere sometime again. But you can catch the latest of Snowfall on FX/Hulu and POWER on STARZ on demand.


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