Tim Burton Inspired Makeup Trend 2020

October is a month full of eerie and gory trends across the internet.  Fans of horror and all things creepy live for the month that they deem “Spooky Season,” where they can let their imaginations run wild with Halloween.  Internet makeup artists hit social media with all types of special effects, costumes, and Halloween-inspired makeup looks, which bring creativity to unexpected levels each year.

This year, a major trend across social media has been Tim Burton inspired makeup looks.  Burton is a filmmaker well known for his films such as Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Corpse Bride, and many more.  In his animated films, he has very specific visuals, creating characters and settings with a cartoon, gothic style.

October 2020 has led many creators to replicate this style in real life as they attempt to recreate the exaggerated features that are a staple of Burton’s animated films.  This trend originated on TikTok where a new filter allowed users to alter their appearance to mimic that of a Burton character.  From there, makeup artists were inspired to create Halloween looks in this style as well. 

As this trend grew more popular, some have called out the lack of POC representation in Burton films.  Many POC creators have been very invested in this trend as they attempt to prove that all races should and can fit into the Burton aesthetic, making this trend highly inclusive and exciting. 

This Halloween, check out some of these makeup looks and recreate them to follow this spooky and nostalgic trend!


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