Why Classical Music Deserves More

I used to hate classical music. Absolutely despise it. As a young girl, I always thought it
was the most boring thing in the world. Plus, it didn’t help that my dad was an avid fan
of classical music, and listened to it all the time. 9-year-old me just couldn’t stand it. I
remember my dad taking me to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and trying not to fall
asleep while I was there.

Now that I’m older and the tiniest bit wiser, I’ve learned to respect classical music more,
and have even gone as far as to make a ‘classical music’ playlist on my phone (I know,
impressive right?) I actually love classical music now, and when I tell my friends this,
they all just laugh and say that classical music is boring (I mean, I can’t blame them, I
used to think the same.)

But that’s why I’m here today, to tell all of you why classical music is actually something
truly amazing, and why it deserves more praise.

The reason I enjoy classical music is because of how powerful it is. Although it might
not have any lyrics to listen to, the instruments make up sounds that move you through
a wave of emotions.

For example take Symphony No. 5 by Beethoven, I’m sure you’ve heard it before (if not
go look it up!), but the start of the song alone is a powerful tune. It’s the perfect song to
listen to when you’re mad, because that’s the exact emotion the song itself gives off.

Or take Antonio Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’, specifically Winter. How can you listen to this
song and not feel like you’re about to enter a battle to try and save the world? The song
is intense, but that’s what makes it so cool to listen to.

Even Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’, Spring. This song is lighthearted and makes you want to
run around in a field of flowers.

Not only that, but all the cool intense music you hear in the background of movies could
be considered classical music.

John Williams wrote the whole score for Star Wars, and even if someone hasn’t
watched the movies, they know where that music is from. The Star Wars soundtrack is
beautiful if you get a chance to really listen to it, which I recommend you do.

So, open Spotify or Apple Music or whatever music streaming app you use, and look up
some classical music. I promise that you’ll come to appreciate classical music as much
as I do.


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