Category: Spoken Words

Urban poetry

My poetry derives from poverty, drugs guns, cold bodies and teary eyes. As a youngen my dreams got side tracked when my father got sent back. I wanted to be in the military, I would’ve enlisted after high school and been a soldier like many other men in my family. I knew that’ll get me […]

A Harsh Life

My teammates and I lived a harsh life, our bodies are riddle with bullet holes, have razor keloids and wounds from knives. They’re bad predicament reminders, scars of attempted murder, some tatted over, I left mine in plain view because when I look at them they’re motivation to go harder every sight fuels my fire. […]


I’ll give it to ya how ever you want it, how ever you need it like soul 2 soul, I can go hard like the finished process of manufacturing or I can let pain talk from all the murdering, either way I won’t be glamorizing, educating is my goal. See I’m an OG, Castle Hill […]

Perdon madre Mia #2

I’m a seed from her flower, she raised me alone twelve years after when the reaper came in the form of cancer and took my father, luckily I was able to see him when I looked at my big brother, it was a cold world thereafter. My smile erased from my face watching mom struggle […]

One last chance

Just one last time to see them. That’s my wish. If y’all know someone that can make this happen, point me in the direction. I mourn deeply. Every once in a while I get in my feelings and be like… damn so many. The tat on my back with the names of those that died […]

Top of my game

I be in the hood soaking in life to stay on top of my game, I don’t cook or cut but I’m still on top of the game, I travel block to block and still see cardboard murals and candles flickering pain. I could hear the sounds of echoing guns from distant slums, pa rum […]

It's a man's world

It’s a man’s world. We grew up with dreams embedded in our souls. Us poverty stricken boys dreamt the same, build an empire by any means to end living in shame. We constructed the foundation, hope was erected while we was youngens. It was us… Man. Blood, sweat, tears, if it wasn’t for one of […]

Living urban poetry

We use to pick the abandoned car with the most windows as a wind breaker in the winter, we would be in there wishing…  We wasn’t wishing for a heater, although that would’ve been nice, we wished one of our house keys could turn on those old ass plymouths, dusters and novas so we could […]

Combat Ready

Then– I was always ready for war, herb intoxicated, military vest , fatigues, nine Millie sig sauer or my four four Every time I stepped out my front door, I’m ready for blood shed like the savages in darfur, I had to prevent myself from becoming a chalk traced body on the cold concrete floor, […]


Im influencing the youth, burying lies by revealing truth, I was at war with myself, I called a truce, I’m turning Toby’s back to kuntas, I’m replanting roots. I’m a 5 star analyst, giving sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, knowledge to the dumb, and faith to the atheist when they get to […]

My Dark Soul

I was a lil boy living life like the black out in the seventies, while at sleep the lights came back on… But the darkness stood with me. No light nor sun, the devils portal was opened, hell roamed the streets, armageddon has begun. I took the wrong path in the shroud, my footprints left […]

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