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Shows That You Must Binge Watch

Let’s face it — we’ve all been grounded for the past three months. With that being said, quarantining has caused people to take to all streaming platforms in an attempt to fill the time, since we all have nothing better to do than work remotely and binge watch all kinds of content. 

While we’ve all probably watched so much more than only five shows by now, these are some shows that are 100% binge-worthy and you should 100% watch if you haven’t already. 

  1. New Girl 

New Girl really is THAT show. It gives you character diversity, it gives you realness, it gives you unstoppable laughter; it’s overall one of the funniest and well versed sitcoms. A 2010’s gem, New Girl is a must-watch if you want a guaranteed laugh and a guaranteed cry. 

  • Queer Eye 

Did someone say wholesome content? Queer Eye is for sure going to make you feel so warm and happy on the inside. Watching it is so easy and you may or may not finish an entire season in  one day. Falling in love with the Fab 5 and every character on the show is guaranteed, and so are the faucets that your eyes turn to at the end of each episode. 

  • Avatar: The Last Airbender 

A Classic, tried and true masterpiece. If you want to get completely invested in animated characters’ lives, then Avatar is the show for you. You will laugh, you will cry, you will yell, but most importantly; you will be thankful that you watched this show. Three seasons of pure excellence! 

  • Elite 

Elite will make you WISH that you attended a bougie high school in Spain. I don’t think I ever got more invested in fictional characters’ lives like I did with the characters in Elite. This show will have you completely on end and having no idea how each season will end. Not only that, but you will 100% be pretending that you know how to speak Spanish after you’re finished watching this show. I was cursing in Spanish for WEEKS!

  • Buzzfeed Unsolved 

We NEED to give credit to our crime and mystery kings: Shane and Ryan. This YouTube show has been one of my favorites for so long because while they give us the spooky information that we want, Shane and Ryan still keep it very real and very humorous. Watching this show alone at night is so, so spooky yet so, so funny at the same time. 100% guaranteed to crack you up. 

Happy binging!


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