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The New Gossip Girl—Does it Compare to the Original?

It has been a decade since we last heard from our favorite Gossip Girl about the drama that’s happening in the upper east side of New York. 

HBO came back with a new, post-quarantine Gossip Girl. 

One thing about the original Gossip Girl is that it was far from realistic. With no real realistic concept of age, a lot of times, you would forget that the characters are supposed to be kids in high school. Not to mention how messy these kids’ love lives are. Regardless this was the charm of Gossip Girl. 

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Both Gossip Girls occurred in different TV eras. The original occurred during the long drama series era of TV. This gave them time to build the characters so well that people got attached to the characters themselves. 

Unlike now, TV series are way shorter than they used to be (for many reasons, one being that people lose interest faster now) the audience is not deeply attached to the characters anymore. 

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The new Gossip Girl has multiple storylines with different obstacles. The two main stories are the separate love lives of Julien and Audrey. The casting is not stereotypical, unlike the original Gossip Girl, where it was two best friends, a blond and a brunette, and of course, the blond (Serena van der Woodsen) was the favored one. 

Julien and her long lost sister Zoya’s storyline is the Serena van der Woodsen story to the Blair and Chuck Bass story. Some would say Blair and Chuck’s story was superior, and I will have to agree. 

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Julien and Zoya

The New Gossip Girl is indifferent there; Audrey, Aki, and Max’s story is more interesting and intriguing than Julien’s. 

With the best spin-off I’ve seen in a long time, the love triangle between Audrey, Aki, and Max is top-tier. It acknowledged how different young people’s sex lives are from ten years ago and is an accurate portrayal of Bisexuality. 

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Another crucial difference between both Gossip Girls is that in the original, we didn’t know who Gossip Girl was, which was a great suspense factor. In the new one, we know who Gossip Girl is and are actually involved in Gossip Girl’s storyline. 

The new Gossip Girl is a scheme between private school teachers. Their way of protesting how snobby and entitled the students are.

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