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Could Maximalism be Good for the Environment?

At face value, maximalists may appear to be materialistic and downright wasteful, but the truth is that this aesthetic could not be further from these things. What may look like a person that is materialistic, is actually a person who deeply values and cherishes the individuality of their belongings, and what appears to be wastefulness is just the opposite. This “wasteful” person is actually someone who takes in clothing and furniture off the street and out of thrift stores, giving them a home rather than letting them end up somewhere worse. While the maximalist style places a special emphasis on the ideology of more is greater than less, there is a misunderstanding about how the maximalist always seems to come into “new” clothes. Maximalism actually presents a more environmentally aware lifestyle than, say, minimalism, because of the means at which maximalists use to gain more possessions and pieces for their homes and wardrobes.

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