The Clubs

Take a trip with me down memory lane.
Who remembers when” John gungie Rivera” first started to dj?
Freestyle is what he played at them old school Jams in kips bay
Who remember the chez sensual?
We used to walk there, to westchester, we didn’t need our cars
Who remembers ” la mirage”? Over on Fordham the Mecca of beautiful
Spanish girls, if you went there you would of saw them
Who remembers club morocco? A lil upscale Spanish spot on the lower west side
All the older cats popping bottles in side. It was 21 and over I was 16, looked grown and
had doe so they let me slide
Who remembers ” heart throb”? This was the era of tuck in your rope chain cause
You might get robbed
Gun battles with l.e.s would never stop, I remember one night 3 of my boys ( mike ears ,
crazy mike and Danny) got popped
Who remembers “10 18” .? I remember being next to l l cool j in VIP before he was
rocking bells, young bx castle hill dudes were ringing bells
Who remembers roseland? This place was like a scene straight out of gangland,
Every crew repping their hood steady banging
Who remembers the octagon? It was right off the west side highway,
In those days what kept us wet, was popping unlimited bottles of moet
Who remembers the copa? I used to go there wearing my gucci shoes
Linen suits, and my finest jewels
Who remembers the palladium? And a block over Webster hall? This is where the
ballers went to ball, so me and Orlando was killen them all
Who remembers Kelly furniture on the blvd? I remember this place with it’s freestyle
extravaganzas, we used to lock down that whole block, on aldus is where we stashed
the bangers
These were the real club days who remembers?
Infinite the poet 2008
al carrasco

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