Al carrasco the revolutionary

I am a slum/ghetto/urban visionary on the contrary to what I’ve visioned, I thought I was loosing my mind, really life was building mines, being dealt the lowest cards and the hardest blows, a life of subliminal woes, settling for less is something I will forever oppose. I did a lot of bad, not because I wanted to but because bad was the only option I had, by any means to rise out of poverty I did anything necessary, I had a passion to overcome instead of to succumb to society. A society of systems and authorities that plague minorities. The streets built a monster like Frankenstein with the wits of Einstein, the problem is I was using strength instead of smarts, I was born with a lion heart.
I used strength to rise to the highest plateau in the streets, I peaked, while at the top i looked at the havoc underneath, pain, destruction ,misery ,desolation, deception, the youngens were trying to follow a path I mistakenly left them, this here is my road to redemption, I’m using my smarts to give strength, climbed down the plateau of today back down to yesterday to show a different way, interception, poetic Intervention. I’m showing a detour from body parts splattered on floors, coroners and morgues, murals on project walls, I’m saving people from night time raids, early morning graves. with my words I’m trying to correct all the wrong that was made by shedding light on the dark days. I want all my people to keep hustling, just not drugs, follow my lead or join me make lost men crem de la crem, I voluntarily speak opportunity to the needy, the needy needs me like I needed somebody to guide me, remember my name, I will make change, when I die I will be known as al carrasco/infinite the poet the ghetto revolutionary
Infinite the poet 2012
Albert Carrasco

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