Kimberly John

Hello mom and dad, little brothers and sister Oh how much do i miss you guys
I know you cried out your vocal cords when i passed I’m with the lord now
After all that pain I can finally smile and laugh The hospital was no where
like home or anywhere else I wanted to be But home is where I’m at now
Because the lord sent for me I’m back to my normal self now that I’m here I
can run and play like any other 15 yro should With no pain or no fear Mom
and dad don’t cry I want youth be happy So the next time you look up in the
sky I don’t want to see a tear I want you to smile for me
Love you guys, Kimberly
I wrote this in the person of one of my best friends daughter who passed of
cancer at 15
Infinite the Poet 2008
Albert Carrasco

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