My Intentions*****

Sometimes my intentions get over shadowed by peoples perception of me, or for what they see, which are not my views
I’m so experienced, some take it as me being mr know it all, do I not lend a hand to someone who fell or may fall?
I’ve seen men crunch up in balls, when life gets hard they get crushed like four forward moving walls, their see through, I see them ready to crush you, so I shot call.
I was a man in a ball, I been stuck between four walls, rocks and hard places, so have many other men, but I no longer see their faces.
I was naïve, people told me things, I didn’t want to hear, got caught up, now I’m like help me please, that was before I experienced what I didn’t want to believe, I still can breathe why not listen to the knowledge I’ve conceived
Because of my wisdom being born, I’m made to wear a crown of thorns, like the non believers did to my brother jesus
Infinite the Poet
Albert Carrasco

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