Perdon madre Mia #2

I’m a seed from her flower, she raised me alone twelve years after when the reaper came in the form of cancer and took my father, luckily I was able to see him when I looked at my big brother, it was a cold world thereafter. My smile erased from my face watching mom struggle to put food on the table and keep our rented place. It was hard but she did it. I was told by my king to take care of his queen, that phrase played over and over, I had to help my mother, Perdon madre Mia, I had to do what dad said, Sid was your protector, all you had to do was worry about GB, I was going out to get this bread.
I saw it all before, I knew the risk and ropes, I ran on hope to help moms cope, mom didn’t care for that type of assistance, I was tired of seeing generations of family living poorly so I started a resistance to end poverty, no matter what I did mom never abandoned me, I got locked up, she came to visit, she cried, I told her to stop it, she said you’re only fifteen, I said mom they know I’m seven thirty plus I’m brolic as soon as I get out its back to profit.
She’s the only one that could grab my gun when I was heated so I didn’t squeeze it, she would spaz telln me I’m just like my father, boy the life you’re living is dangerous, I heard the I told you so’s while she stood by my hospital bed watching the blood gush, her lips was moving fast but in shock because of the shots everything came at me slow mo as if I was on angel dust, Mommy don’t worry that doc said its a fifty fifty, I’m going to stay awake, there’s not going to be a wake, after they fix my broken bones and operate Ill just need some time to recuperate, all she could do was wait.
When I got home mom was happy you should’ve seen her smile gleam, it was a beautiful scene till the next day when I went out with a cane and cast to join the team and get to this cream, the pain was numb due to Tylenol with codein. Mom is watching boys she saw on a daily basis with her son get murdered, albertito look at all your friends bendito, you guys aren’t giving yourselves chances to grow, it went in through one ear and out the other, it was all about money even after murder.
I thought I was helping but I was really hurting her, it couldn’t of been clearer watching narcs cuff her after a raid to take her, my big bro and my moms new man to rikers, imagine that picture, the game made my mother and many others suffer, I was sucked in like the rocks and heroin in stems and needles during injection. The love of money had me blinded to reality, knowing what I know now and if there was any possible way for resuscitation, I would’ve brought dad back then my friends and I wouldn’t trade them for a billion billions, if I could turn back time I wouldn’t make my mother go to sleep wondering when she wakes up if she still had all her son’s.
Infinite the poet 2017

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