The Devil Temps

The devil temps so don’t go letting him work for you, as soon as an evil thought is derived, he’s immediately notified, off the deaf dumb and blind he thrives. For instance…
I carry a gun for protection, i walk the hood, mean muggers are mugging, i mug back, I should of not paid attention, but I got a tool of the devils trade and it’s serenade is telling me inf you can’t be played, theres three of them, blam blam blam, three lay, I run off yelling “don’t ef with me” a few days later I’m locked up and the devil is still running free, he didn’t get caught but he was my co d (co defendant)
Damn my rent is late, two days ago was the last time I ate. my neighbor is doing better than I am, she’s single and always leaves to work about 8, I’m gonna wait till she leaves, break in and search her house for the safe, the money and jewelry would help the condition in my place. Today’s different, she’s not going to work she’s picking up a date, on the way back home they see the window is open and the window guards are broken. Shhhhh i think someones in the house lurking, they enter the back door, the date grabs a knife from in the kitchen, they tip toe to the second floor, they see the burglar, a fight starts, the neighbor gets stabbed through the heart, stumbles and dies.
A quick investigation proves the dates self defense claim sticks, death due to breaking and entering
Peer pressure
Take this, don’t be a sissy, you want money right? You take 30% I take 70%, I’ll change your life, just do it right, go advertise, here take this number when you finish just text come over. Wow you did that fast, you got my cash? A beat down ensues, what you mean you lost the stash? Now instead of a fee you work for free, ducking the stick up kids and the dee’s, while the pusher is home counting sheep in his sleep. after awhile working the streets for free instead of a fee, when you do finally get to see the money it’s hard to leave. You get used to it. Now your the hustler that hustles other brothers, yo yo yo shorty take this, from every 100 you get 20 I get 80′ it will change your life.
Infinite the Poet 2012
Albert Carrasco

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