Kumbaya my lord
Lights turned off refrigerator is hot, 7 or 8 people in a 1 bedroom, full of folding cots, at night it’s so ever quiet, the only sounds you hear are the 7 or 8 bellys, howling a hunger riot, we placed pillows over bellys so the sound dampers, baby’s wrapped in cloth, no income to afford pampers, heads of household pacing towards and backwards, hoping tomorrow will end today’s sorrows, and bring us fun and laughter
Kumbaya my lord kumbaya
I see him/ her alone pushing a baby stroller, no friends no family, no baby shower, an abused single mom or a divorced dad, traveling the city to eat like modern day nomads, shelters in the winter , parks in the summer, community centers for a cold breakfast, a warm lunch, and a mix of the two for dinner, one outfit wardrobes, broke, down to their very last compound, after pawning what’s was around their necks and earlobes, and after everything that was worth something was sold
Hear me crying my lord
Young kids with no direction, looking in mirrors , like vampires, they saw no direction, caught up in the streets misconception, get burnt in the flames, spontaneous combustion , to these ghetto streets it’s easy to get sucked in, why would they want to live tomorrow knowing it’s gonna be dejavu , someone’s adds to the murder rate, birthday cakes, then flower at a wake, they feel they have no reason to live, so these bars I continue to give, the economy is screwed so death and drugs plague our city, it’s destroying our people, faster than H I V
Hear me crying my lord, kumbaya
1 rpg kills 30 plus marines, we loose a seal team, bring my brothers and sisters back from over seas, stop sending them home in coffins please, we kill Hussein we kill Osama , why continue to fill the killed at war wall, and bringing sorrow to military wives , husbands and mothers? Young and veteran brave hearts, protecting by killing and then getting killed, it’s the same thing, equal but opposite reactions like Ying and yang, when is this war gonna end?
Infinite the Poet 2012
Albert Carrasco

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