The Late 70's in the Bronx

Lobby games of dice, In these lobby games many people lost their life, for
tampering with a die, old time hustlers selling hash, trey bags of grass,
deranged old military men that used to shoot down bogees and gun down
charlies, lost their mind, beg for stoggies and kept a fifth of the hardest
wine, this is the late 70’s, in this project neighborhood of mines. Brothers
with afros with the black power fist in picks, spanish kids wearing
guallaveras with a tight fit , drive in theaters, everyone sitting in their
cars rolling joints of cheeba mixed with hash, speaker on window, listening
and watching sonny chiba kick some ass, old timers trying to be sugar daddy
to young girls that grew up without a father, young guys doing errands for
the older cats hustling, police knocking on doors when no answer they bust
it in, fort apache, crooked cops doing illegal investigations, no warrants
for the drugs and money they were taking, guardian angels vs black sheep,
cassanova vs zulu, uptown vs cross town, jams in the park till sundown,
scraped off tops on metal cans to aim the water from the hydrant when its
hot to keep us hydrated, there was no pools, this is how the ghetto kept
Infinite the Poet 2011
Albert Carrasco

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