Door Ajar

I was soul searching while the reaper was searching for my soul, i was walking through the fire of hell at just twelve years old, i had to keep walking or I would of died from ghetto monoxide, my soles were burning, as long as i kept running i would evade the flames consumption, so I ran like gump in a burning forest, scared to stop, thought it would of been spontaneous combustion. My soles were burning the reaper is following my fiery footprints looking for it’s culprit, he’s the ring leader of the devils circus, i was walking in hell the devil owned it, the reaper is his soldier that hovers the surface making offers to be the keeper of my brothers. I saw light, it was a door ajar, I sprinted for it , the reaper gave chase, but…… I was met by god, the reaper swung his sword, it was deflected by the lord. I ask how did you know i was here? He say to me I was watching you from a higher level, your burning foot prints weren’t from walking in hell, wrong thesis, it was from Hephaestus, I asked for him to ignite your shoes, I honed in on them like gps. I say thank you! He says I ask one thing of you, you must pave the way for others to escape like I did for you today! I said ok, so I write away, follow my side ways eight, I’m burning an “infinite” passage with my flaming lemniscate powered by god, look for the light that’s me leaving the door i escaped through ajar
Infinite the Poet 2012
Albert Carrasco

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