At my peak, I wondered how it would end, I continued but always wondered what would transcend, all of us rich with no worries, I really did imagine this, but it was a mental oasis, my vision was blurry. We started as peasants arose to be kings, we was living the dream, a bunch of poverty bounded kids forming the illest street team in search of cream, that formed an alliance, a regime that broaden to a monopoly, we monopolized to capitalize in the city that never sleeps, so we hustled to the wee hours of the morning
We were warned, im not even gonna lie, after being as poor as we was, we said why not try?, nothing mattered, we had nothing to leave behind if we died, that was our state of mind.
We was running the track like lewis, johnson and kursey, because not was it only men, there was young females growing up along side of me in poverty, and are a part of me, and the family tree
Everybody loved me as I loved them, some would get locked up in foreign places, do years come home with smiles on their faces as soon as they saw me, true love. And since I loved them back, I couldn’t continue that same story
I only got to have my men by me for a few years at a time, the time in between was time confined, I needed just more than a few years at a time to share what we made on the grind, I shine so they was shining but now they started dying for the things we was grinding.
We was doing wrong, but doing it so right, hustling hard and keeping the circle tight, just got tired of not knowing when its gonna be one of our last nights, like expendable gladiators in a death fight, got tired of seeing dripping mascara, weeping fathers, kids with the hope of being raised with mom AND dad shattered, got tired of loosing the people that mattered, if I was to do a reunion with just the people I ran with, it would be really hard, it would be me, about 7 others, and about 12 funeral cards of people that are now walking with god
Our round table has empty seats of missing kings that can never be used again, because there’s no equal to the life of my men,
I walked away from it all while at my peek, now I’m back to complete my cipher, I’m back to teach
Infinite the Poet
Albert Carrasco

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