The Depression

We live in a vegetated state, but no trauma, from the reganomics to obamanation, we
are still forced to wear body armor, because of the economy, and what its doing to the
nation, rent over do, repo men looking for cars, credit cards maxed out, an epidemic
called a recession, spreading like sars. So some go back to what they once knew, that
ghetto mix, hood brew, supreme courts, no misdemeanors, baking soda h20 then the
eina, lethal, so the body armor goes on for those with intent to leave you, why? Cause
there’s people that want what we do, but they rather wait for us to get it, rather than
them starting a foundation of their own, they shoot for the dome, do jail time, and try to
explain to the board, why they regret it, and why they should come home, but a killer
free to roam ,the board don’t condone, an un guided predator drone making blind
decisions shouldn’t live amongst the blasphemous citizens with whom they once lived
with, politicians politic about laws for selling drugs, we get life, well ill poetically politic
About politicians buying love their paying for “crack” going in “raw” love child’s, so many
cheat on their wives, they should be placed in institutions, for politic pollution,
governmental prostitution. Schwarzenegger cheating on shriver, They turn a blind eye,
while he turns into the terminator gives the word to san quentin and watch tookie die,
who do we complain to? No one! Like william cooper I can tell you to behold of the pale
horse, martial law and the ideas of the illiuminati, with my voice I’m an anomaly, so I spit
in spritz, so I don’t piss off thee authorities, I lay low with my awakened mentality,
Sometimes I let go the brain flow, to let you know, their treating us like animals, their
screwing us bestiality, somebody call the aspca animal brutality. That’s “A special
protective citizens authority”
Infinite the Poet 2011
Al Carrasco

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