The Uniform

I’m in the corner watching all the other kids in uniform playing sports, I’m in the corner watching because the uniforms were 50 dollars, I was living damm near squalor, so many eviction notices I thought me bros and moms would be new squatters, I can’t ask mom for the uniform, it would be wrong.
I would rather eat than to wear cleats, so I lounged in the corner just wishing- “those kids look great I wish that was me”. I wanted that uniform
Then one day hello, I was welcomed to the terror dome of misery, misery said he had good company so he invited over the devil, I heard a lot of bullshit in my life, immediately as he started talking I sensed deceit, I thought something’s not “right” he was speaking dark and it was broad daylight, I said somethings wrong with this man, so after the mumbo jumbo he reached out, but I didn’t touch his hand!. But I did follow his terror plan. I wanted that uniform!
He said I’m gonna give you something for free, sell it to the company of misery for 5 bucks a piece, when you finish you can’t see me, go to my counterparts when its time to re. Use the root of evil that I gave to thee, play monopoly with my blood money. I said ok. I was poor it wasn’t greed, he took advantage of a lost seed in need. it was draining me, literally right after puberty two slugs hit me, blood gushed not just leaked, so many cc’s of a+ stained the streets, it was killing me, dead or alive I wanted that uniform!
20 years later I sent the devil with misery to hell, the plan he gave me really was the recipe for the ultimate fail, I was failing. Mornings were mourning, alarms were mommas wailing, from that life I’ll forever refrain, I’m a legit business man, so randomly ill go to parks, look for the kid in the corner, tell them to extend their hand- hand them” the uniform” I dreamed of, so their life and mines won’t be the same…
Infinite the Poet 2011
Al Carrasco

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