My Dark Soul

I was a lil boy living life like the black out in the seventies, while at sleep the lights came back on… But the darkness stood with me. No light nor sun, the devils portal was opened, hell roamed the streets, armageddon has begun. I took the wrong path in the shroud, my footprints left traces of ember in when I passed, I was dealing with an evil craft that was formed from the intense flame causing Backdraft’s in crack labs.
I was only twelve years old when me and dad took our last father and son stroll, that took a toll…the cause of my dark soul, now the reason why I write these poetic scrolls.
I used to scribe my name in bullpens benches, then come back and visit them again and again dealing with abaddon and being caught up in Apollyon’s clutches. It made no sense to weave and bob, I was being puppeteered by Beelzebub. I suffered! Boy did I suffer, I was a slave and the massa was lucifer, life was sin-ister around the cast down accuser. Their ways burned me to the third degree internally until I broke free, that face of Jin is no longer on me.
Infinite the poet 2012
Albert Carrasco infinite poetry

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